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60 Untaian Kalimat Cinta (English version)

Bingung mau merayu pasangan?
Pingin merayu dengan bahasa inggris biar dibilang keren?

Berikut 60 untaian kalimat cinta versi Inggris, yang mungkin bisa menambah kemesraan.

1. i believe that love connecting our hearts as the sky connecting the world..

2. i’m happy to love u,but it’s also burdened me,because it’s getting way 2 deep and i don’t know whether i could live without u or not..

3. i love u a little bit more, and it’s happening everyday

4. if God give u 100years to live. I’ll only ask Him for 99years 11month and 29 days, because i realize i couldn’t live any day without u..

5. life seems black and white when ure not around

i’m a dreamer.i have sooo many dreams in my life..but now my only dream is to grants all your dreams..

6. today i say my prayer to GOD..i pray someday i’ll see ur face everytime i wake up..

you’re so far away..i can’t hear ur heartbeat.

7. how could they said that the air is the most important source of human fact i couldn’t live without u..

8. there are end of day. end of week. end of month. end of year and even end of world. but my love for u is have no last forever like the sun.

eye for an eye. that’s why the world become so blind..

9. hey FB!!it doesn’t matter how many times u ask me. ‘what’s on your mind?’ the answer would be d same.. * she always on my mind * and it won’t changes..

10. what are we really seek? what we live for if love never exists? because we live to love.. to learn.. and to find beauty in imperfections..

11. what kind of magic did u cast on me..for i couldn’t think bout another girl anymore?

what kind of trick will make u happy

12. yes. i’m stupid.but i’m smart enough to know what this feeling is..Because this is love..

13. u don’t have to remember all my sweet words..Because actualy It all comes from 1 word.. *love* .

14. if to love u is a sin..then i’ll go to hell for sure..

15. the world have many beautiful things. beautiful mountains.beautiful beaches. beautiful waterfalls.and many more. but the world have only one u. that’s why u’re so precious to me..

16. to love somebody (whosoever he/she) is not a foolish thing. because when we love somebody. We use our heart not our brain.

17. every time i wake up i realize there’s a little change in me, i love you a little bit more,just a little.but it happen everyday..

18. cut my heart and u’ll find pieces of u in there..

19. my heart is my life. when u take my heart.u take over my life. Once u take it.u can’t put it back. my life and my heart is forever yours.

20. cursed me.. i couldn’t hide it anymore. this feeling is outraging and starts to consume my logic. what i have to do now?

21. i can’t fall in love anymore. i only have one heart and it already yours..

22. i hear a beautiful melody.and it comes from ur heart..

23. the tongue might telling lies. but the eyes always telling the truth..just look into my eyes and u’ll know how deep my love is..

24. it was u..who make my life so colorful..who make my life so beautiful..

25. My brain and my tongue seems like having a connection problems rite now. i couldn’t tell u my feelings..

26. i have to chase u no matter what it takes.for you accidentaly stole my heart and i can’t live without it.

27. now i’m pretty sure that i live under your magic spell. for i just opened my eyes but the ghost of u is all around..

28. would u open your heart so i could enter and live in there?

29. don’t let yourself down. though the world said that you’re nothing. you’re still my everything.

30. to know be with my greatest pleasure..i’ll take you wherever you want to go..together we’ll fly to the edge of the world…

31. everytimes u smile, u make my world a little brighter.

32. my whole world is so colorful when u’re around,can’t imagine how gray my world without u..

33. When u really love a woman/man. What d u think is how to please her/him. Not about pleasing urself anymore

34. you’re so adorable. i can’t stop adore u.

35. when u’re close to me. i wish i could stop the time forever..

35. when u came into my life. u stole my sight. u stole my time to think bout u. u stole my heart. and now i have nothing in my life but you..

36. don’t care bout ur 1st. 2nd. or maybe ur 50th bf. i do care about u and i wish i could be your last. and when i say it. i really mean it.

37. to love somebody is not about how much we can receive.but how much we can give to someone we loved

38. if i had 9 different lives ,i’ll still fall in love with the same girl,it’s you…

39. our story is much more beautiful than a fairytale..u’re the princess;i’m the frog. U’re the bird;i’m the worm. I will never forget it. It will always remains in my heart…i will always love least until i die.

40. thanks God, when u let me fall in love w/ her..u also teach me how to love wholeheartly and unconditionally,controlling my emotion,ego and mind. U also teach me about sacrifice..for now.. I really love her God..i’ve do my best.. Now i trust U w/ the rest..

41. u know perfectly what’s my heart for..

42 .i’ll wait until forever and i think forever is fine. you’re much more precious than my lifetime..

43. as long as my heart keeps beating,my blood still flowing through my arteries. And the air still able to fill my lung.. I’ll always and always loooove this girl wholeheartly..

44. when i found u..i know that i don’t have to find anyone else..and even i have to,,i don’t want to find any..cause u’re the only one 4 me..

45. when i clicked the “share” button , i really meant it. I want to share my heart,love,n my happiness w/ u ms.fairlady..=)

46. i want to hear the most beautiful music from ur heartbeat..

47. i had 3 different dreams last night..which every of it has u as the part of its story..

48. i just suddenly awaken and the first thing appeared in my mind is u..

49. i don’t really like sweets..but u’re so sweet till i never had enough..=)

50. i have only one heart..when u took my heart away..i became heartless..i will never able to love anyone else heart’s officially yours..

51. what if i say i’m in love with u? what if i say i devoted to u?

52. if u need guidiance,look forward because i walk right in front of u,if u need friends,look to d left and to d right,because i always by ur side,and never look back,,do not afraid of losing strength and will,because i always behind u..

53. God please don’t let the sun set for today..i don’t want see her tears drop anymore..

54. yesterday is never been better than tomorrow,because we will never able to rewind it,whether it is good or bad ,but u’ll find a new hope in every chapter of tomorrow..

55. i was wondering,if there’s only one sun exists,how could it brighten the entire worlds,but now i can understand it,because i realized,there’s only one u needed to brighten my entire life. it works the same way..

55. what love is? we couldn’t see it by our eyes,we couldn’t find it by ripping our heart,or crakin’ our head to see if it’s inside. we just can feel it and express it for everyone who love us and we loved..

56. we can’t describe what love is until we experienced it with our feelings and our hearts

57. please don’t ever think that u’re nothing..because u’re my everything.. How could my everything is nothing?

58. when i asked God to open ur heart 4 me. i promised Him that i will always love u.i will protect u and never forsake u no matter what it takes..

59. if u trust me. why don’t u let me trust u..but it’s alright. because actually. i already trust u before u let me to..

60. today is very cold n cloudy. and the rain fall unpredictably. but u warm my soul and make my world much brighter..

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